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A part of my Abyssalite insulated room heats up suspiciously high.

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Hello there, folks! I need your amazing brains today to figure out how is this possible. Basically my base is insulated, everything was made to ensure the barracks stay nice and cool. There's even a Weezwort at the entrance. Yet this happened:



The top of the base is all made from Abyssalite (42*C):



The pipes coming in are also made of Abyssalite(40*C) as well:



The Insulated Gas pipes that are coming in are made of Sandstone, but I see they're not to blame since the heat seems to be coming from the top, not the bottom: 



Abyssalite shouldn't tranfer heat even if it's at 42C. The Hydrogen room has -220C Hydrogen touching it's walls and it's still hot. 

I'm suspecting the plastic to be at fault somehow. It might not be playing nice with the hot Abyssalite.

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You sir, are awesome! Thank you for pointing that out! Indeed the plastic was 60*C hot even if it stayed for many many cycles in a ~30*C container. 

Edit: Actually I've looked at some older screenshots. The polymer press has not been working for 90+ cycles of not more and yet the plastic in the container (which was in the base) cooled down very little :-/. 

2nd Edit: It seems the container was made of Abyssalite. Ahahaha, sorry for the confusion folks! Hugs from Romania!


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