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Indestructible buildings

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I had a need to build a starting base for beginners.
I would like to make the objects of this database completely indestructible
players or other game events could not destroy the tent or fireplace at this base
if someone knows how to do it using mods or console, I will be very grateful for the answer
thank you very much
Sorry for my english

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I know there is an "ownership" mod which makes structures indestructible for anyone but the creator or them. However, I don't know if it is possible to make a chest accessible for more people. I know that there is an anti-thief system there which doesn't allow strangers to take items from your chests/fridges etc. So I don't know how much this mod could help you, but this is the best thing I could think of at the moment. I'm not very experienced in modding or mods, I play mostly vanilla.

But I believe there must be some commands to make your base indestructible, I just don't know which and if so, wouldn't it be too annoying to use it on every single structure in the base.

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9 hours ago, HamBatter said:

p=c_select(); p:RemoveComponent("workable") if not p.components.fueled then p:RemoveComponent("burnable") end

but it gets reset when the server is reloaded

wow, my friend, you helped me a lot
thank you very much!

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