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[beta]multiple sea worther, seaworthy in cave/ruin/surface, and duplicate chester.

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Ok I have run some tests on this. Here are the result:

Part 1 ) Getting multiple sea worthers, hence being able to build multiple seaworthies:

This is possible with/without world hopping. When you use a fishing rod to recover the flotsam there is a chance that spawn sea worthers. Also when you hammer the sunken boat it will always drop a sea worthers. If you are unlucky with the flotsam fishing, you can hammer the sunken boat, grab the sea worthers and then move on to the next world using the wooden thing. You can do this as many times as you want to stock up sea worthers.

Part 2) Seaworthy build in ruin/cave/surface

When you build the Seaworthy in the ruin/cave, you can use that to travel to the SW world as usual. If you then use the Seaworthy(SW) to travel back to ROG, you will spawn on the surface.

If you don't have any Seaworthy on the surface, you will spawn at the cave entrance.

If you have 1 seaworthy on the surface, that will be your only spawn point.

If you have multiple seaworthies, the game will randomly pick one of them as your spawn point each time you travel from SW to ROG.


Part 3) Duplicate chester and solution. (many thanks to PuffinBy for providing the solution)

If you carry the eyebone (hence has chester as follower) while you use any cave/ruin entrance (get in or out), you are marked by the glitch. Next time you use a seaworthy, a duplicated chester will spawn. Whatever is in the chester gets duplicated too. Note that merely carrying the eyebone and has the chester following you while in the cave/ruin, doesn't trigger this glitch. Dropping the eyebone won't help either. If you have already marked by the glitched, then the only way to prevent this glitch from happening is by save and exit before you use the seaworthy. 

If you already have a duplicated chester and it is at the ROG side of the world, you can kill the duplicated ones, keep the one you want alive. Save and exit, that should fix the issue.

If you have a duplicated chester at SW side, you need to kill it asap. Otherwise the next time you go to ROG you will have a duplicated chester.

If you have left a SW duplicated chester uncheck and now you want it dead, *do not* use c_gonext("chester",1) to find it while you are on land. Chester could be swimming somewhere and using this chest code may drown you.

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