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Looking for a sorta long-term DST pal. (Texas - USA)

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heya, royale here.

just looking for someone to play a world with in more than one game session so I don't have to throw everything away after only 8 hours of play. my requirements are:

  • Must have survived at least 2 seasons
  • Must be good at typing. (dun wan 2 pley with sum1 who typs liek dis.)
  • Preferably from Texas, but if you live around the USA maybe we could work something out. 
  • This goes hand-in-hand with the above, but must have good ping.

these standards fit me, and hopefully they fit you too! I don't wanna be a snob to anyone, but to ensure that we have the most matching/awesome experience, these are the standards I have to uphold. add me / comment if you wanna play with me!



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Hey, I live in Nebraska, but I live in the portion that has its time zones lined up with Texas (I'd know since I have like 3 friends in Texas XD). I also have great internet (is that ping?) and I've made it to spring alone on few playthroughs without mods that make things easier. I tend to have pretty good grammar.

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