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  1. I've been playing as Wickerbottom, and sometimes her book cast animation for petrify wont show. She'll still cast the spell, but she'll just stay frozen until it is over.
  2. Accurate representation of weebs protecting their waifus On a side note, the fact that I've heard grown men say with a serious face that wendy is waifu material chills me to my bones >_> Like, seriously, she is a tiny child.
  3. ah, at least those are well done, unlike some horrors on the internet... Just go to deviantart and look at pony art, but make sure it isn't set to the popular stuff. Or do? Because some popular pony art is very nsfw and disturbing.
  4. He just wants Waxwell to preform some magic tricks.
  5. I had a guy on my server who played maxwell in his nerd skin. All he did was sit in a bush mode with his bush hat and repeatedly examine his codex umbra. "I'm so sorry charlie" Suffice to say, it was a great server and memes were aplenty.
  6. I admit, I really enjoyed a lot of the anime ones, and the majority of them are in the first 30 or so pages.
  7. Found more free time and I have now read all pages. Every. Single. Maxwell. Meme. Page.
  8. I literally had nothing else to do so I just read 41 pages of memes. Many people would say I have wasted my time, I would sincerely disagree.