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Apple Fun Time (Social Server, Resets day 800-1000)

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Group Link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AppleFunTime#

Apple Fun Time is ran 10am PST onwards until 2am PST (but usually just goes straight 24/7)

This is a Social, Casual Server that resets on day 800-1000 (Enough time for those mega-base builders ;)

Notable Mods used;

  • DsMMO (Experience System)
  • DST Achievements v2 (Achievement System with Rewards and Perks i.e. Double Loot Drop, Instant Fishing)
  • MyHome (Prevents GRIEFERS from messing with your Home/Base)
  • Ownership (Only YOU can open your chest unless you Modify Ownership by pressing O)
  • Set Home (Use /sethome to mark your waypoint and /home to teleport instantly to your base)
  • Fast Travel (Trust me with the SIZE of the Map, you'll need it)
  • MegaRandom World + Multiworld (Generates Shipwrecked Biomes and MORE, like Beaver King)
  • Balanced Custom Characters (Womp, Shipwrecked Characters, Weston)
  • FinderMod, Show Me, Don't Drop Everything, Realistic Placement, Quick Pick, Moving Box, Increase Storage

The world is infused with biomes from Shipwrecked, and is bigger than Huge with a capacity of 10 players.

Screenshot of how big the world is http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1163921608

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