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Story - As a Dupe Colony Manager I want to use in-game text resources to better manage my colony through an overlay that displays notes about things that I need to keep an eye on, things I need to do, and things I don't want to forget about while playing the game.

Definition of Done - As a player I can activate the Notes Overlay to view, edit, delete, or add text notes to the colony map. I can click on any non-note containing tile in the map to create a new note that contains a simple string of characters that is saved with the colony data. I can click on an existing note to either edit its contents or delete the note. While the Notes Overlay is active, I can see all notes that have been created and they are displayed in proximity to the tile where the note was created.

Description - Notes! Because trying to remember everything all at once is so 1990s! This should be a very "dumb" system and doesn't need to interact with intelligence to anything going on in the game. Just little breadcrumbs to not forget about things and assist in future planning.

ONI - Notes Overlay.png

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