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What hardware is needed or why the processor is not loaded to maximum

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Greetings, I ask for help!
I have a server i3 4330, 2x8GB 1600Mhz RAM, 120GB Intel SSD, 100mb internet speed and 2 worlds in Dedicated Server
The server works on Windowns 7 x64 and my limit on the server is 10-13 people in one world.
When the server starts to slow down I watch the load and all I see is that the processor is loaded by 60-70% (most loaded core), 2,5 GB of RAM is used, ping players is good, the Internet should be enough.
Please, tell me, what is my problem?
Can change windows to ubuntu? or is I doing something wrong?
I want to get more together playing users without problems.
Sorry for my english.

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What you describe there as your server is pretty much one of the optimal setups for well performing mid sized DST servers, and should be easily enough to handle a bunch of concurrent players.

The i3 4330 with his two high clocked cores and HT for background processes at the same time is Basicially one of the best cost/performance CPUs for two Server shards.16Gigs of RAM is more than enough, and your 100mbit of internet speeds should be more than enough as well (assuming you have a decent upload as well). The only thing that might cause issues is Windows at that point. I never had issues on Linux with similar CPU clock speeds and similar player counts on Linux so far, since in my experience Linux usually is a lot faster/more efficient in terms of (Low or high performing) Server/Number crunching/workstation loads.

There's really nothing you could do wrong with results like that.

The only other thing apart from switching over to Linux that you could try is to reduce the Tick Rate of the server, but that will most probably increase the latency/make the game feel less responsive for all players all the time, so I wouldn't recommend it if you can avoid it.

Good Luck :D

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I am very grateful for your reply.
I had thoughts about the problems because of the windows. I will try to transfer the server to Ubuntu.



It was very cool to hear from experts on how many together playing users I can count on in one world with such a core of the prcessor?

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I don't have much experience with playercounts of above ~15 players, and I never ran into CPU limitations on a dedicated server. According to the wiki and other experiences the CPU doesn't really matter apart from a solid single core performance and at least one core for each server shard. Your CPU fulfills pretty much both of these requirements. I'd assume you should be able to host at least 20 people easily, probably 32 without issues as well, unless you have some really demanding mods installed.

edit: I have no idea what happens with playercounts above 32 somewhat towards 64 because these high playercounts I assume are still pretty demanding.

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Once again, I want to thank you for helping me with my questions.
Maybe you know something else that will help to finally clear all my problems.
1. Does it make sense to use sdd as a replacement for shdd - I installed ssd, only because every game morning the game is being saved and my server noticeably slows down 1-2 seconds, but this did not help much.
2. What happens if I turn off the game save each game day? Players who will go in or out will have their own save? Or will the server store everything in RAM? Or maybe the server will save everything when I restart it? Or do not disable save after each game day?
3. If you used ubuntu, you probably know which version of this operating system is better to install?
Many thanks for the answers!

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1. A SSD is always nice, they have amazing access speeds, even compared to SSHDs because these ones only have a small SSD space and many files still lie on slow HDD platters. Make sure your server saves also lie on the SSD and not only the server files. (the saves are usually in /home/<your user>/.klei/... ). That said DST usually doesn't need that high drive speeds. The Lag spike at a new day is just a thing you have to get used to, and you learn how to deal with is quire easily. It's just how Don't Starve (Together) is programmed. For example if you fight bearger and you keep track of time and you see that it's about to get the next day just move away a few steps more and stop attacking for a second to let the lag spike happen.

2. I'd never... NEVER turn of the daily autosaves. If your DST server crashes for whatever reason, which can happen, trust me, it happened to me before, you only lose the Progress since the last morning. Imagine you'd lose all progress from like 5 hours of playtime. The player saves would get lost as well afaik, so there won't be any differences between player inventory and map status. Imagine someone would pick up a deerclops eyeball and logs out. 2 minutes later the server crashes and goes back to before he picked up the eyeball but he still keeps the new inventory. Duplicated Eyeball. The dedicated DST server would save the game whenever you shut down the server as usual.

3. I used OpenSuse as server OS so far, so I can't really say much about Ubuntu as server OS, but I'd just take the latest stable version of whatever linux distribution you take. The Performance should be about the same across all modern linux distributions, since the linux kernel itself is the same across the board. For the best performance make sure you install your linux without graphical interface though. They are quite recource intensive. Keep it comamnd line/ssh only and your server will run like never before :D .

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