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Amphibious duplicants give very little benefit (that I can tell).  Perhaps reduce stress impact for wet feet and/or soaking wet


The liquid bottler allows liquids to pass through its platform. This makes it difficult to keep a pure water cistern, and if polluted waters get in, there is no way to apply a filter to the bottler. Would it be possible to be able to build the bottler so that the platform is in tiles (and/or build tiles over the bottler platform)


When a mechanized airlock door has no power it still opens just as quickly as it normally would. Devaluing the normal airlock door.  An unpowered mechanized airlock should open just as slow as a normal airlock.

When an airlock door is rotated sideways, it is sometimes hard to tell which way is 'left' and which is 'right' - in the graphic allowing you to set duplicant direction to pass through the door. Could the arrow be changed to a diagonal, up-left and down-right? (or whatever is appropriate)
Side Note: My desire for symmetry finds the off-center rotated airlock distasteful, and I would rather have it either only one or three squares wide - (I am probably in a minority on this)


It would be nice to have tiles etc appear different based on materials used for construction.


Cycle Switch
A power switch (much like Atmo Swith, etc) that can be set to enable or disable power only when 'night time' or other periods (this might require defining the cycle into several sections - for example 'Early Bird' would apply only during 'Section I' dawn, etc. And the cycle switch would allow toggle of power on/off during each section of the cycle.


I like the new rooms
Future ideas, certain rooms could require lighting conditions, or decor requirements (eg 1 statue, 2 paintings, 1 potted plant)
certain rooms could require other rooms be in the base


Continuous tasks
Make it possible for an Electric Grill to cycle through multiple 'continuous' food options

Robot Printing station
Requires learning skill to operate
print a robotic duplicant - Robot duplicants would work similar to regular duplicants except they require power (recharging station) instead of food and the player could custom pick their skills. Or perhaps select from pre-defined types (Digger, Builder, runner, etc.) and have a chance to have random negative and positive traits (a higher learning skill by the duplicant printing them affects the chances of these)
Or perhaps robots could only be used for delivery and/or sweep tasks (using robots to deliver solids similar to how pipes deliver gasses and liquids)

Robots would require metal/Iron, plastic, and oil to print
Robots that take damage or break down would need repairs
Robots could have higher tolerance to heat/cold (but could still overheat/freeze) and would not require O2
Robots would not be able to activate the bioscanner to enter ruins
Robot 'recharging stations' would consume power and might consume oil or other resources.
Robots would output heat
Robots could take damage or negative effects from Chlorine (which reacts to certain metals)
Robots could take damage or negative effects from liquids and should not perform mop task


Ice Shaver
Currently if you have a huge amount of ice, it takes forever to melt because the game assumes you must raise the temperature of the entire mass in order to reach the melting point. While there are ways to manipulate this, it is tedious. A machine that takes ice and instead of raising the temperature of the entire mass, shaves 1 KG and then only that amount of ice is, over time (based on ambient temperature), converted to water (which would drop out of the machine)
The machine then shaves another KG of ice as long as its supply is filled.
Basically instead of looking at how much heat energy is required to raise the temperature of the entire mass of ice, it looks at how much is required to raise 1 KG, allowing a large mass of ice to be slowly reduced.
(I hope that makes sense)



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