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NEED HELP - Friend Sees Character Mod As Invisible, Only Works For Me


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I'm having trouble with a character mod i've created with the Extended Sample Character Template by Dleowolf

After trial and error i've made sure the mod worked perfectly fine and i've tested it out a couple of times before deciding to post it on my Steam Workshop for Friends Only, and noted that I made sure i've added the right content twice.

Though for some odd reason when my friend subscribed to the content on my workshop, they saw that the big portrait was glitched to the right, and when I entered the server as the character, they told me they only saw a moving shadow ?

We tested this out a couple of times with no better result. I'm trying to understand if this is coming from my end or my friend's end, and if there's anyway to resolve this issue since i've put a good amount of time on the project.

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