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We all know , when quarter/half map digged clean we have like 20 fps when using 2x speed or 4x speed. Althou not everyone using i7 proccessor  and with lower spec we cant enjoy the late game.

Optimization performance is coming , but its takes time.

My suggestion is make the map size smaller, should be customize default is big like currently we have, medium half from now , or small 1/4 from now

more closer to each biomes , less distance to geysers. With smaller map there less computational power, less moving gas, heat, because most player here wont be using full map, our base is compact

People want to enjoy 500 days ++ with smooth exprience, i personally dont care if theres not enough resource, because its adds new challenge with limited mats you can dig out on the map,. Currently its laggy as hell and you need 100+ storage compactor to sweep all the crap you wont be using (iam neat guy, doesnt like material littering around the world

I dont know if custom size can conflict with seed number map programmed, i hope the best

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