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Totally wild out there suggestion just for flavor with no substance: A toy making station.

Got the idea when i saw dupes sleeping in the new comfy beds made from plastic. It would be so adorable if they had teddy bears, dinosaurs, pillows and other toys. The toys would be attached to the dupe's character and they would move the toys to their beds after the toys are made and assigned.

They give a decor bonus and stress relief bonus. When sleeping the dupe will hug one of their toys. When idle the dupe may return to their bed and play with a toy.

Toy types are linked to the dupe's traits. Like the destructive dupes would want dinosaurs. The ugly criers have teddy bears. Yokels would have a sack of flour with a happy face crudely sewn in. Buff dupes have dumb bells.

To encourage players to give their dupes space, maybe dupes can have multiple toys and pile them around their beds... but only if there is room to do so. 

Maybe old toys can occasionally be dug up near the derelicts. As an Easter egg maybe one of the toys is Chester from Don't starve.

In terms of resources maybe simple toys are made from simple materials, like thimble reed. High level toys are made from plastic. If desired, toys can be deconstructed. But there will be a corresponding hit to dupe stress until it wears off or the toy is replaced. 

Just a suggestion. I love how paintings and sculptures make the world feel real. Some toys would add flavor to each dupe. 

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I would LOVE this to implement it in game! And dolls, female dupes would like them. Those creatures seem to be childish after all. Adorable, little whings to toy with them for us definatelly should have toys of their own. And, if we are by this, arcaid game stations for stress relief, that would need power? High end, virtual reality stations, both addictive and increasing skills like combat (diggin')? A ball on a rope?! Possibilities are limited only be imagination. And devs' time, sadly.

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