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[suggestion] BeeQueen Rework

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I'm not into DST much myself due to inflated health bars and other glaring balance issues but that's not the point of this suggestion. I toyed about fighting Bee Queen earlier, and aside from the sheer duration of the fight, I just kind of felt her phases were a bit backwards, and also her minions were a bit too, pardon the pun, to the point.

There's alot of enemies in DS that just halfheartedly kite you or even just charge at you and attack without regard to their safety, so another swarm enemy as a defence mechanism for a boss (didnt work well for varg either) is just really boring. I think she'd be better if she started the fight by keeping her distance and ordering her minions about, then running out of more minions to summon after so many die and choosing to get up close and personal, while still possibly summoning 1 or 2 extra bee guards but no longer giving orders.

And rather than chaotically swarming you the bee guards circle you like batilisks do, charging in varying patterns when given the order to do so by the queen, sometimes all of them charging at once and sometimes them taking turns, and sometimes only 1 or 2 of them charge.

While the loot is (from what I can tell) already good from the bee queen, it feels odd that she drops a tiny, little, puny, ordinary bee stinger, maybe make it an extra large one that can be made into something or wielded as a weapon, or both.

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