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Hello @korkoblaster1, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately you originally posted this is the wrong subforum. I can see there are grass geckos around so I'm assuming you're playing on DST and not specifically Don't Starve. All DST bugs should be reported in Klei Bug Tracker: DST, but only if the bug occurs on DST without mods. Since you have mods active, you should report your crashes to the mod creator of Campfire Respawn, cause I suspect that is the cause of the crash. So head over to the steam workshop page of that mod and give the mod creator a copy of your crash file, specifically the client_log.txt.

It can be found in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether.

Hopefully the mod creator is still active and that they can fix that issue for you. If not, your best option is to disable that mod and play DST without it. Good luck, I hope that helps.

Be sure to only post bugs in the Klei Bug Tracker: DST when it's bugs that occur without any mods active. 

Since there is no way to move a forum thread post into the Klei Bug Tracker, I'll move this thread to DST Mods and Tools subforum (probably the most logical choice atm).


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