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Have sanity back when I'm hitted

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Hello everyone, one again I ask about sanity stuff.

For this question is just if I can code something like "I gain 10 sanity point when I take damage" (don't ask me what character I made, that's...Weird...But in don't starve universe it's normal I guess), I know it's possible, I've successfully coded an effect for loose sanity in day and gain it in night.

Or maybe I'm wrong? I don't know, but I prefer to try. If you think you have the answer, a reply is welcome. Don't be afraid, I don't bite, not every time èwé

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5 minutes ago, Lumina said:

Yes. You need to add a "listenforevent" in your character masterpostinit, with the even of being attacked (don't remember which one it's exactly), and make your custom function that will trigger when attacked.

So I do


 inst:ListenForEvent("something I didn't found yet", function(data)
     if data.cause == inst.prefab then
        local delta = 10 -- amount


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