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  1. Hey everyone, me again for the same thing: my character mod. I was testing once again the game with new codes and one moment, something happened. That mean the code with the "OnPhaseChanged" seem to face some troubles, and I think it's when mob kill other mob, but I don't know how to fix that. To see all of my codes, there is what i've actually made And I didn't know a way for this problem, somebody can help?
  2. I guess I can make the same thing but not with weapon especially. I mean with global damage. Hit stronger when the sanity is low. I guess I can do But I think I'm wrong, something seem empty in it, but I don't find what.
  3. Hello everyone, one again I ask about sanity stuff. For this question is just if I can code something like "I gain 10 sanity point when I take damage" (don't ask me what character I made, that's...Weird...But in don't starve universe it's normal I guess), I know it's possible, I've successfully coded an effect for loose sanity in day and gain it in night. Or maybe I'm wrong? I don't know, but I prefer to try. If you think you have the answer, a reply is welcome. Don't be afraid, I don't bite, not every time èwé
  4. For the hp, go in your scripts and go down in "[charactername].lua". At one moment you'l read this That's your stats, just change every numbers into the exact result you want and save Like this. And for the damage, it's In the same file, change just the number to a point you want and it's done. That's not all you asked, but I can't give more. I start in codes too and don't know so much.
  5. I think something is wrong you forgot to write "then" for every "if" and for "else if" I think it's "elseif" I've modified it and now it work (i think) Now I'll try it
  6. Well like I've sayd, I want to increase the damage, to hit stronger when the character is insane. And invert the sanity drain by dusk and night, like make it drained bu the day and not the night The first can be possible but for the second...Not sure
  7. That's what I was trying to tell you, if you want to change the freeze temperature instead of cold resistance. if you copy-pasted the exact code I gave you, nothing would happen because 1 is the default. You would have to put a larger number. if you want to change the freeze temp, you will have to make a modded version of the temperature.lua file in the components folder and recode one of the functions. This won't be difficult, per-se, but you run the risk of breaking your mod if a DST update changes how temperature works. Edit: I made a modded version of the temperature.lua file for you. If you make a components folder in the scripts folder of you mod and put this file there, it will allow you to change the freeze temp temperature.lua then go to the master_postinit and paste this line of code: inst.components.temperature.freezetemp = 0 (replace zero with the number you want, use - for negative) Hmmm the link don't work, but i'll try to see in the game files for the temperature. Even if I'm not a pro I can maybe do it. Thank for this tip, and you can help for others one?
  8. I've tried that And it didn't change the cold resistance, still be the same, start freezing at 5° and loose health by freezing at 0° I don't understand why, I've putted this code in the master_postinit section and still don't work.
  9. Hello every curious and every mod creators, I make my first mod for don't starve and I try to reduce the cold resistance, like a weakness of the character but I don't find how to code it. I tried, taken the code from the own scripts of the game, and even taken codes from another mods but nothing change. If somebody can tell me how to do it, it will be very nice! btw I try to increase the damage multiplier to hit more strongly when the character is insane. And I tried to invert the sanity drain, make the day draining the sanity and not the night but I didn't made it, just found how to stop the drain of the night....