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Teaching mechanics suggestion

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I read some skills related topics and it seems there are some leveling related gaps (leveling strength, immunity, medicine) which can be softened with a sort of "teaching" mechanics - where you could build a blackboard and several desks with proximity check for the blackboard (same mechanism as medical cot proximity). One dupe can be assigned to the blackboard to teach a skill to the ones assigned at the desks. maybe slide projector and hologram projector down the tech tree to enlarge the possible distance, and so the amount of possible "students". The level of "teachers" skill would cap the level that he can bring the "students" at the desks to (maybe to one level below to avoid exploiting the heck out of it). The tradeoff would be that your best specialist is not doing what he is best at, but rather is busy enhancing the skill of other dupes... Also great place to introduce hilarious animations, based on the taught skill

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