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(CLOSED)[H] Orange Rucksack,Shadow Gown [W] Any 2 items of similar value

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MilesUpshore    430

So yea I got a Spiffy Orange Rucksack duplicate after trading 9 Common duplicates in trade inn,and I just wanna get rid of this duplicate with another Spiffy item of a similar value.

UPDATE: I got a Shadow Gown duplicate and I also need to get rid of it along with the Rucksack duplicate,accepting 2 new items of similar value for both items.

UPDATE 2: Orange Rucksack has been traded for Red Rucksack,so any item offer will only remain for Shadow Gown,once again thanks :O!

UPDATE 3: This post is closed cos I have decided to sell the Shadow Gown duplicate so yea just a heads up :o

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