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Custom item not showing

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I'm trying to add a custom item to my character but it's invisible. I don't know what could be wrong so I came here for help. To learn the process I am using an item from an existing character in Steam Workshop. I copied everything and changed the name. I did this with another item an it worked. I don't know why the others aren't. 

I tried to use the Vibro-rang from HK-47 and the Double-umbrella from the Shpwrecked Together mod. They both show in the item bar, but when I equip them, they don't show. The double-umbrella even makes my character's hair disappear but it's invisible.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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2 hours ago, Lumina said:

Yes. I have some. Unfortunately, i can't verify them because you didn't attach your mod.

Also, how did you created the anim ? Changing the tex file or with spriter ?

I just copied the files from existing characters. As an update, thankfully I got the vibro-rang working. The head umbrella though still isn't. Well, kind of. It shows on my characters head, but not when I drop it on the ground. Also, when the head umbrella is on, his hair doesn't show. 

Thanks for your help.


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You said you renamed them, which is probably the reason why they didn't show up.

Also, the hair aren't showing because when you equip a hat, the hair are hidden, because it would be ugly on most hat.


Theses lines are the part you should look at.


And these when removing the hat. Try to see if you can obtain something more fitting to your taste.

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Hmm. So how does it work in shipwrecked? That's the head umbrella i'm using.

And I do see what you mean about the hair showing. But what about the "hair_hat" folder? Isn't that supposed to take care of the hair clipping through?

Thanks for the help.

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