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Walking through germ-ridden water should put germs on duplicants

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My dupes walked into the pit in which I've been putting the polluted water from my wash basins since the beginning of the colony to build some pipes, but they had no germs on them whatsoever when they walked out of it, which I don't think should be the case.20170825214001_1.thumb.jpg.d69bc2cd0ebe7b554f9d288a61985f9a.jpg

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Michi, this is actually caused by the current germ transmitting mechanism...  Basically, solids can't get germ from liquids/gas, and vice versa.  Dupes are solids, so germ infested water can't put germs on them even if they walk through it (I know, it doesn't make much sense).

The only way for germs to transmit through matter of different state is if the source material was used in the production of a product material.  For example, when a disease-ridden polluted dirt of slime produces polluted oxygen, it will transfer some germ into the newly formed gas (solid to gas).  Also, if you put water with germs into a electrolyzer, the hydrogen and oxygen will have germs in there as well (liquid to gas).  Also, breathing germy air will move the germs into the dupe, but walking through unbreathable germy air won't.

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