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Edit existing character animations?

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I'm currently using the extended sample character to create my own character. However, it's not really possible for me without replacing pictures in the running animation.

Does someone here know how to do this? I'm using spriter but it won't let me edit or view any animations. :/

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9 hours ago, spideswine said:

I suspect doing that would be pretty damn hard(maybe I'm wrong).

Why is it not really possible without changing the running animation?

My character has wings instead of arms (she's a harpy) and replacing the arms / hands doesn't really work since for example the hands from behind are also used in the running animation in a different position which doesn't fit at all. So I'd like to just replace the part in the animation where hand-5.png is used by an empty .png file or a different one, idk.

7 hours ago, Lumina said:

Try see this topic.


But yes, it's probably hard to do. I have no knowledge about it, so i can't help more.


Thanks, but I don't think this helps since I don't want to make new animations I need to replace the ones from the sample character model. I wonder if there's a sample character with less or no animations so that I could make use of this guide but I don't want to build my character from scratch too, this seems to be a lot of work... :D

Anyway, I've found the method to just attach the wings on the torso.png files, which at least partly solves my problem, thank you for your help though.

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