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Help! How do I make a light that turns off after i atack?

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Hello, so, I've been working with this particular mod for a very long time now (more than months). Everything is fine, I don't have any errors or anything, the only problem, is that i don't know how to make a light that turns off slowly.

Bassically, "onatack", my item starts emiting a light, and after 5 seconds, it turns off. If I hit only once, it works perfectly.

Now, the thing is, if I atack a lot, instead of staying on for 5 seconds and then turning off, it will start flashing. This is because the action of turning off from the first hit won't be cancelled.


This is the part of the code where i'm stuck:


local function updatelight(inst)
    if inst.light then
            if inst.light:IsValid() then
            inst.light = nil

local function onattack(inst, owner, weapon, attacker, target)
    if inst.light == nil or not inst.light:IsValid() then
        inst.light = SpawnPrefab("lightspearlight")

    inst:DoTaskInTime(0, updatelight)


I tryed to find a way to cancel the "updatelight" function so it won't start flashing, but i haven't found it.

Please help 

(Sorry for my broken english) :)

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store your task as a "member" of your inst

inst.turnofflighttask = inst:DoTaskInTime(5, [...])

and in your onattack check if that task exists

if inst.turnofflighttask ~= nil then
	inst.turnofflighttask = nil

before applying the task again.

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