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Food should be reserved by a duplicant in the “going to eat” action

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As implemented, there’s a bias against anemic and long-distance duplicants in regards to getting food in a large base. A hungry duplicant can get stuck in a “going to eat/going to X” loop in which they cycle between getting food and going to do something else while hungry, and then not doing either because they’re too slow.

Similar to lavatories/outhouses, an item of food could be reserved by the hungry dupe, which would resolve this issue.

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On 8/13/2017 at 11:53 PM, Kasuha said:

It should be working that way. Are you sure you don't have an additional element to it, such as binge eater acting and stealing the food from them?

Thanks for info. It was about a month ago, I had 100 Dupes with a low food supply, many people were near the 1kcal mark. If I notice it again in a reproducible fashion I'll file a bug report.

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