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Make it Impossible for People to Include "Klei" in their Server Titles

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The title essentially says it all. It should be impossible for people to write "Klei" in their server names.

The only filter I usually use is the search term, searching for "Klei." This way I get a list of all of the official Klei servers. However, lately more and more servers are popping up with titles that include things like (Klei Unofficial). If they are not directly affiliated with Klei, I don't think they should be able to use this type of naming. To me it just looks like a way for people to try to bring others into their servers by having them show up on the list for when people are searching for Klei servers. I don't quite understand why people do this, but from the number of people I've seen joining Klei servers just to ask people to come play in their servers this does seem to be a thing.

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