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  1. I'm in the same boat you are-- I hope it's fixed soon, since the current lightning rod skin looks so cool
  2. Despite linking my Twitch to my Microsoft (Xbox) Klei Account before watching a stream with drops enabled, I was not able to claim the reward on Xbox. The first reward (the icon) was claimable on my PC version through Steam, though, from when I linked my Steam and Twitch years ago. Thinking having two accounts linked may be the issue (I want the rewards on Xbox, not Steam, since that's the platform I play on most often these days), I unlinked everything and then relinked my Microsoft Klei to my Twitch. The second reward tier rolled around... and while it says I claimed it and a game account is connected, I did not get the reward on either account. All that's left now is the actual skin (although I haven't watched enough yet to unlock it). I want to ensure this error is fixed before reaching that point and attempting to claim the skin. ((If this is somehow a human error, and not a bug, I'd appreciate help in correcting my mistake!))
  3. Thanks, completely uninstalling and re-downloading DST and Steam worked.
  4. I am currently facing this same issue. All of my world mods are out of sorts, and my client mods are missing altogether! I'll attempt to verify my cache's integrity. I need geo placement back x.x Update: It said all of my files were successfully validated, but the issues persist. I unsubscribed from all of my mods as well, rechecked on how my mods looked, and there is no change.