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Question About Online and Offline mode

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Hello, my nickname is Soulk, i am from Venezuela, it's a sad situation that my internet conection struggle very often at the point that i get not internet conection at all specially at night time when i usually play around 6pm to 10pm, so i like the skin aspect of the game but i currently play offline because of my conection issues but on Offline mode you get no access at all to skins.

My question is could be possible to either play my Online world in offline mode?? because i had to create a separate offline world but its not funny if i was already on 100+ days on my online world and when i play with out the skins it feels akward to me, or can i be able to use the skins i own on offline games?

I tried changing the cluster file of the world like this:

lan_only_cluster = true
cluster_intention = cooperative
cluster_description = 
cluster_name = Soulk's World
offline_cluster = false ----------------------------> this in to true but i was not able to play.
cluster_password = 

So i dont mind if i can keep playing the online world in offline mode without skins but when i have my conection fixed i could continue my online world.


If neither of this options are possible just take the suggestion of adding some sort of way to use the skin that you currently own in offline worlds that would be great so i could play every world in offline mode and "farm" my free skins when my conection its working then play offline again.


I only play alone since my conection can't handle online servers, but i do play on LAN with a friend some times. (when he has the time to come over my house with his laptop.)

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