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Valve gauge adjustment

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Currently, adjusting the gauges (is this the right word?) on the valves (i.e. Liquid Valve, Gas Valve) is very tideous and can't be done very precisely. Setting it to a specific value, like 500g/s seems nearly impossible (I can usually get as close as 501.20 or 498.30 or something), and working with very low flow is also difficult.

Sometimes, this is needed, e.g. when doing a "self-sustaining" (needing only electricity and sand supply) Lavatory+Shower+Water Purifyer system. After an initial bit of clean water is provided to the system, the waste water is just purified and re-used indefinetely. However, the Lavatories will produce a miniscule amount of extra (poluted) water and will eventually clog the piping system. Thus, I installed Liquid Valves to be able to "let out" the additional water that accumulates, but with the current gauges I need to fiddle with the valve all the time, alternating between closing it off completely and setting it at lowest flow (some runs I manage to get as low as 26g/s but typically I can't get much lower than 40g/s, both of which are much too high and will end up emptying my system eventually if not monitored closely). I understand that this purifier system might not work any more in the new upgrade due to the new desease systems, but having a better control and less fidgety controls for the valves would be very neat too.

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