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Klaus Encounter !

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Hello everyone ...

This story is about glorious death against Klaus ... and I wasn't alone ... Maybe I could kill it if I was alone !

Let's start from the beginning ... As usual , I started searching for beefalos to camp near them ... Whenever you see me on a server , there is no doubt I have a base near beefalos ... I even found a beefalo pen there , and luckily , the trap didn't work ! Great home near beefalos, with a fire staff and 4 gun powders ... I started making base in there , and more people started joining ... They all came into my base and helped to improve it ...Then it wasn't my base anymore ... It was our base ...

I just remember that there was a wendy , 2 wickers , a maxwell , 2 wigfrids and me as wx without ANY upgrades ! I just found 1 gear from grave and used if for ice box ... Everything was great in that world except about gears ! PK , oasis, a marsh and dragonfly desert was near the base , and we could get any resource easily ... I started making farms , and then we had 20 berry bushes , 50 saplings and 80 grasses just next to base walls ... Some people started exploring the world and a wigfrid went to caves ... We were doing great with a lot of food for everyone ... What could go wrong ? 

winter started ... We started to mine for ice , and hunt for meat ... But I didn't know that we would not finish that winter ! 

Someone that I still don't know who was , found stag antler ... That damn antler was a great temptation for spawning klaus , at day 28 ! I still don't know why did I accept to help them ... We didn't have suitable fighting gears for klaus ... And also . me and one of wigfrids were the only ones that have encountered klaus previously ! I certainly knew we wouldn't make it ... But everyone came for fight ... 

Wigfrids made helms for us ... we had 3 dark swords , a ham bat and 2 battle spears ... And I had tentacle spike (and also fire staff) and everyone had log suit , except the wigfrid from caves that had shell armor ... After equipping all of these , 7 players were ready to fight , and the wigfrid from caves put antler in loot stash ... 

I just could see people that are freezing and burning ! It was normal as none of them have fought it once , and didn't know what would he does! The guys that were holding dark swords became insane and we had to deal with horrors too ! Also klaus summoned krampi but luckily we had a pan flute ... I wish we had just some gun powders ... And I remembered that we had 4 from pen trap ! But forgot to bring it ... Players started to die because of their horrors , and one of them was killed by fire ... Only me and wigfrid and a wicker were alive ... And the night was also about to approach ... We almost lost our armors ... I decided to use fire staff ... After some hits , I hit a terrorbeak by mistake ! And you can imagine what happened ...

"OmidRG was killed by terrorbeak . They became a spooky ghost !"

After that , wicker took the staff and started attacking klaus ... and wigfrid had very low health ... Result was clear ! We failed ... Wigfrid ran away and wicker after a while had no choice but running ... 

We tried rollback ... But that damn server didn't have backup ! 2 of dead players respawned by touch stone ... But me and others couldn't ... Because we had used it once ... All of dropped items was burnt into ashes because fire staff sat the whole forest on fire ! And guess what happened ? Next night , deerclops was coming to cater us in death party !

We lost everything , and all decided to regenerate the world ... And obviously I didn't play there anymore ! Klaus fight them was still looping in my mind ... 

I hope u guys enjoyed this story ... Seriously I didn't !

p.s : Don't mess with klaus without gun powder !

Thanks for reading ...

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It is quite the battle, I went into it solo with massive preparation (32 green mushrooms, 3 dragon scale armor, bee queen helmets, etc.) and it was still quite tough.    The rewards were comparatively small for such an effort as well.

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I went for it with a friend a while back. Never done it before, or after. We were both rather casually playing DST, upgrading the base and doing things for fun rather than going into caves or fighting giants.

And since we were casually noobing together I had a mod that allowed that us to resurrect via firepit.

Lets just say there were so many skeletons on the ground her game was crashing and we were at this fight for so many days I couldn't roll back anymore. <.<

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