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Logs of all whisper msgs: Possible invasion of privacy?

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I know it's just a game, a lot of players wouldn't care, and a lot of players probably wouldn't be sharing anything sensitive/personal/incriminating in-game to begin with.

And I can see why Klei would have this feature enabled, as it can prove useful for server admins.

And I understand that not everyone is aware that these chat logs even exist.

But I find it a little strange that ALL whispered messages (even if a player wasn't within range of that whispered message during the game) from a player's gameplay session are revealed in client_chat_logs.

Personally, I've not shared anything incriminating in my whispers. And even if I did, whether about another person or whatever, I couldn't care less. But I know others might not be entirely comfortable in that position i.e. knowing that the supposed privacy of their whispering isn't private at all.

I know DST communities that play together on public servers would love to secretly know who talks s*** about them behind their back, I would too. But for me privacy takes precedence over curiosity or involuntary transparency.

Possible solution/fix for Klei: Make it so the game creates chat logs of only whispers that a player was able to see in-game. Ideally players should be made aware that the game creates logs of all whispers, but that might be tricky or difficult to do

Thoughts, opinions?

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I think in most multiplayer games anything you type is recorded to the servers?

For real simple solve to this is use Steam Msg/Discord or something similar to communicate with your teammate, & if it's not to talk to a friend then why're you saying something you don't want recorded in the client log to a random person xD?

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