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  1. That was a good suggestion, but checking on the fourth day doesn't work either. Not even mid winter, after hound attacks, or after deerclops. It's a day 500 world or I would've just created a new server. I'm baffled what could be the problem
  2. The only way I know how to make map reveal work is being host and using this mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=828994749
  3. This is an incredibly annoying bug that I've encountered a few times now, where the loot stash (prefab: klaus sack) does not respawn after the first winter. On a solo world, I wait for the first day of every winter to search the mosaic and deciduous biomes for a loot stash, but there's none at all every time. I've had a similar problem in other local worlds. The deers will respawn every year with no problem Using c_countprefabs("klaus_sack") returns a zero value. Using c_gonext("klaus_sack") the first time returns a "no objects found." But if I enter it a second time, I get teleported to a loot stash in a location which I had already re-explored. I've attached a screenshot of the console commands I used, which proves that by default the loot stash is not spawning