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Gas compression - Three ways as well as how to make a vacuum with out power

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So after playing this game for a couple of weeks now, some things limit your ability to deal with lets say 516Kg per square of polluted oxygen, or the ever increasing carbon dioxide. so I have for you 3 ways to deal with/ get over pressurized gas, 2 of which I found as well as one which is known.

As a disclaimer, about the two ways I found: one way I know is unique no references anywhere that I could find, another someone probably did discover already but I didnt find anything referenced either

 The first way easiest, slowest, and as a bonus you can DESTROY the gas! and possibly already discovered

I call this technique Checkmate. you fill the gas void with high tiles, before you can get to the gas and deconstruct the tile or dig the square kiddy corner to the gas, your dupes will place a tile in the gas moving the gas from that location; wash, rinse, repeat.



I suggest starting from the top of the gas pocket and work your way down when you get to the last block of gas it will be many Kg of gas, and if you place a tile there it is gone forever. Alternatively you can start with some tiles all together and build out while destroying the tiles inside creating a perfect vacuum.


the second way to compress gases, which is fairly easy, quick, and cheap on resources as while as being my main discovery *super proud*

build a gas compression apparatus , super simple. all you need is a gas lighter then the gas(es) you want to concentrate (sorry it doesn't work on hydrogen), a gas vent with feeding pipes, and some tile.

the simplest version I made, its good until about 11.1Kg, place the vent and the pipes then make sure there is one empty space above the vent and one empty space beside it, I have always  put the empty space on the right side. I pump about 3-4 Kg of hydrogen in the the vent that settles in the form the trick is it must be more then 2 KG. then pump in the other gas.


How it works is the vent will get over pressurized by the gas you put in but vent push the gas on it up so first it concentrates the hydrogen, then it gets over pressurized and some hydrogen pushes back and get over the vent which is less then over pressurization concentration, which allows it to output again. and it repeats.

I have pictures of my second version. it took some adjusting after it was operational, so I don't have definitive instruction to make it work reliably but it is so far good to 23.9 KG and I am working on a third version which should work every time and get really good compression


and the third way which is long, power heavy, lots of micro managing. when I say long I mean looooooong to get it working awesomely. is make a cryo chanber and cool alot of hydrogen down to -210c, you can freeze all other gases either to a solid ( no use right now, you cant move it with your dupes because no storage container can take the object) or to a liquid. you can liquefy the other gases too but you have to adjust the temperature to each one. solid carbon dioxide take no space and actually will make the cryo chamber faster by adding thermal mass. but you have to add gasses slowly to the mix mine is capable of about 112 g per second of gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine. the chamber, gas pipes, liquid pipes all HAVE to be made out of ABYSSALITE. or you will be waiting a VERY long time and/or cooling your colony too much. I have pictures, there are other instructions on this already so I will not get into it unless requested.


also polluted oxygen when liquefied becomes liquid oxygen, not polluted.





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I think you may be interested in this:

There was this guy using broken pipes to deposit co2 - Freeze pipe contents, pipe breaks, contents leak.

I gave it a try. Pipes must be broken Again and Again to sustain the leak, dragging the process.  Meandering pipes and a lot of regulators are needed to speed things up. Hard to set up, expensive to maintain. Otherwise, system goes smooth, eating tons of gases.


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Hello and welcome!,

The first and last method are known on the forums, the latter more than the former from what i can recall, Another way your second method can work (I don't think its every been done the way you have done it so congrats) is to partially cover the vent with water, this pushes the gas to the tiles around it since the gas cannot occupy the tile with water. It seems yours does the same but has the "Secondary gas" cover the vent whilst your "Primary gas is what is coming out.

3 hours ago, Delaney said:



So in this picture I assume your Primary Gas is Carbon Dioxide, whilst your Secondary gas covering the vent is Oxygen. I think this will eventually stop working when the Co2 finally compresses the oxygen into the two tiles above.

You should try it without the two gas tiles above, if it still works then no matter how much the oxygen is compressed it will remain at the vent since lighter gas travels up and to the left whilst heavier gas travels down and to the right.

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Welcome to the forums :)

Great input on your findings, but might be wise to do a bit of reading/perusing of the forums before you spend too much time trying to re-invent the wheel ;) 

The first was commonly used on the previous update by building/deconstructing doors in a 2x2 area to create vacuums for fridges, and can be seen in a lot of the "show us your colony" bases from around that time. It could also be done by opening/closing airlocks in a gas-filled room to delete tiles of gas. These bugs have mostly been hotfixed out, and hopefully the tile replace issue will be sometime soon too.

The second is nothing more than packet-juggling, i.e. tiles of gasses fighting to go somewhere. Sadly this method is incredibly volatile and can often break on save/load if the secondary "pusher gas" is moving between tiles at the point of save.

The third is pretty much the only reason that thermo regulators exist :p 

Best of luck with your future tinkerings! 

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