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Optimus Pine (spoilers, sort of)

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I am still a bit shaken.

He killed me once (good thing I had an effigy!) and is now near my camp, just being all... Tree guardian-y. I am scared. I am scared to go out of my little camp. I'm scared and nobody understands.

Here's a screen shot.

I managed to set him on fire twice, but even my wooden armor and spear didn't allow me to kill him. My best strategy is to run around and try and not get caught by his swings.

But now I am alive once more and will just have to wait and see if he will go away on his own or not.

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There is mentioned a secret method that is cheap and easy to counter Optimus pine.However I can't determine what the method is.I

use pan pipes to put them to sleep. then they go to sleep and ignore you there after

I have tried handing the pine tree things at the moment. Havent found anything that it wants so far.

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