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The story of johnathin and sally - based on a true story.

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everything was peaceful at the herd. the beefalos grazed peacefully, ignoring every problem and danger, that is, untill a certain wrinkled creature had poked the leader of the group. she guided them up by a pink animal, that seemed to speak the same strange dialect as the intruder. most of the herd grew tired they stopped by the animal's shelter, and a strange waxy dome. the leader, however, chased the female longer than the rest. when it grew tired, it halted by a group of white sticky piles. the intruder seemed spooked, and ran away.

just ignore this text, thank you! la la la la la la la la la!!***

mating season came, and the leader was still lost from the herd. luckly, beefalo have the power to reproduce even without a mate. he named the pair johnathin, and his little sister sally. he wanted to protect the two the best he could, and he knew that there was an unseen evil with in the domes. he died protecting his young ones that day. but what was the most sad part was how wickerbottom just stood there. even if they were ugly, she decided to take care of the orphans, and they followed her where ever she went...

again, just ignore that im here! just pushing the text!FIN

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That was the best fan-fiction I've ever read, since Cupcakes!

it's not fan fiction. this LITERALLY happened in game! and the ending, well, johnathin ended up glitching out, and started following me. :D we had some fun times... we even searched for and found the elusive koalefant together! sally just stayed at my base while we went on adventures.

if you think im bluffing, i made a bug report on this. :) they grow up so fast...

i don't like creepypastas.

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