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Don't starve mod tool on steam : how to have option when using ?

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Some time ago, when i was using don't starve mod tool on workshop, with the "quick start" (when you click on steam icon and can start game recently played), i got all the options : don't starve mod tool, spriter, sublime, music, tiled and so on. Now it start the mod uploader.

I must go into the "tool" section and start the don't starve mod tool here to have the choice (if i want to use spriter for example).


Is there a way to have again the choice when using the "quick start" ? Thanks if someone has the answer :)

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What I did was pin the programs that I used the most to my task bar so All I have to do is click on them and they open right up. otherwise I think you can send each of the applications to the desktop as a shortcut. I got my auto compiler on my desktop as a shortcut and that works perfectly.


Otherwise I'm not too sure hoe to get the quick start option back.

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