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A world beyond easy

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(This is my first time creating a topic and whatnot so If I did a mess up please let me know cause it's hard for me to wrap my head around these things, Thanks! Cause if you weren't aware I'm nearly hyperventilating with uneasiness towards posting this)

So how about I tell you a tale of 2 players, one made a world for the other and asked the second one to play. The second one being myself and not wanting to be rude and turn down a request said sure why not. Lone behold it was a wild experience I had in store for myself. (this is where I cut off the fanciful writing I can never pull off for you own sake) The second I join the world I noticed a face on the select screen I hadn't seen before... and my friend was playing that face. (Now if you know me you know I'm no fan of character mods or content mods in general as all the extra content gets confusing and often imbalanced) However I swallowed my pride chose my old pal Woodie and hopped in. What I found myself in was a world where the settings were clearly not what I used with just about every resource that was beneficial set to more and I could tell just by taking a stroll. Eventually my friend walks up to me moving 90 miles an hour with whatever his character is. (who on the select screen was given the most vague description I had ever seen) Much to my disappointment I opened up the map and couldn't see him so clearly this guy was using mods and not even bothering to use the important stuff. on day 1 he found pig king and set up a fire pit saying it was base. This of course meant that we would need something for summer cause caves were off but I decided not to worry about it. So I made the science mach-WAIT how do I have all this stuff!?! I look in my inventory to find myself wearing a backpack and loaded with a ton of resources and I finally realized... I had joined a server that would make this experience less fun than I could imagine. So I built a science machine then 5 seconds later made an alchemy, killed a knight, made 2 fridges, made 2 chests, and made a crock pot. By now it was day 4 and my friend had died... Unfortunately he had made a prestihati-I can't pronounce the name of it so I'll just call it the mat machine thing, and had used it to make 2 meat effigies and was giving a tutorial to me on how they worked. (I'll have you know I was not amused by this considering I had his playtime multiplied by at least 10) He then re-spawned made a brand new effigy and ran off. It was at this point he decided to reset the world so he could get caves and shortly after left. Despite my insisting that I could make the world and save him the hassle he denied my request... On the bright side I opened some graves and got 2 amulets in a row so I felt pretty good about that!

Conclusion: I have trouble believing that my friend was actually having fun in such an environment where you're given just about everything you need to start a base that would be what you expect to have on day 25 on day 1. Plus the world had generation that made just about every resource you would need in excess. It's purely my opinion but the wonder of early game exploration and taming the wild one step at a time was what I enjoyed the most, and all the easy resources and mods made the challenge feel not challenging. It begs me to ask the question of what you guys think of servers like this where half the world is given to you and the player leading it seems to go on and treat it not like a world for messing around but a serious survival one. I doubt I will entirely understand why people insist on using mods that make the game so simple but I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts about situations like this one. 

Final Notes: If any of you feel insulted by this quick thrown together story about my experience with this game for a reason such as me insulting the way you like to play I did not intend to insult anyone and am simply using this story as an example to see what the community thinks about situations like this, and wanted to share my experience. So  I sincerely apologize if such reaction was obtained.

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I agree with you, though some people just like winning and getting the reward without the challenge.  Like a lot of people would come in my world and just stay at the base eating all the food.  I personally could never because I like a challenge.  

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