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Ive seen people make asymmetry heads for custom characters before but what I'm interested in is how to make one arm different than the other.

To be more specific i want my character to have only one arm (which is the arm that will hold weapons/tools obviously) but for me to do that i need help so...

any ideas?

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I never thought about that but I guess it's possible. When you equip an item you can see in the OnEquip function you have



And the opposite in OnUnequip.

When doing so it just affect the arm carrying the item, so the other arm must have it's own symbol that you could hide in the instantiation of your character .lua. You need to find which one though.

You could maybe even display 2 different arms by doing an override of that symbol instead of hiding it.

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I tried a lot of name with the in-game console to hide and show symbols but I did not manage to find which one correspond to the arm which is not carrying anything.

Symbols which worked are "arm_carry", "arm_normal" for the left arm when the player carries an object or not.

"leg", "foot", "torso", "beard", "hair"

Did not find the one for the face, the head and the right arm.

If anybody knows them please enlighten us.

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