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It's always fun to watch the creatures battle each other naturally in a word, especially in large numbers, but what about creatures that normally never would face each other? Would a half-dozen beefalo prevail over an Ancient Guardian? Would a flock of pengulls be able to take on a couple dozen smallbirds? Find out here! Suggest some interesting match-ups and put them to the test.



  • For people running the tests, make sure you properly list how many of each creature are spawned in case the screenshot / video does not show everything
  • Make each match-up at least a Bo3, for the various states some creatures can be in (Beefalo in heat/electrified volt goats/werepigs for example), and/or how quickly they aggro onto the target, as well as to mitigate the randomness that may occur in the fights to get the most likely outcome. Do remember that some creatures might be able to dodge damage more easily when they are working in tandem with another if they engage at certain times, be sure to include that! (see below example)
    • List the casualties for each side for each round if not providing video / screenshots showing the outcome
  • With the special exception of the more dangerous enemies which may need to be tricked into attacking something they normally wouldn't, NO INTERFERENCE FROM ANY PLAYER(S) is allowed! (Unless of course you are doing a fight test with Abigail)
  • Environmental hazards (lightning, meteors, earthquakes) ARE allowed, again just please make sure that details are provided for outcome


Let's get started!

Deerclops VS (4) Mactusks

4 Mactusks is a bit overkill as demonstrated by their flawless kill on the Deerclops, 3 handle the job just fine, and even 2 could probably still prevail.

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