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Hi, guys! fellow Mac users need help here

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Hey guys, i'm just wondering when will Mac be available for this game?

me and my other two friends are all very excited about this game, but sadly we only have iMacs. ):

we bought the early access and patiently waited for 2 months, but we still can't find any news about the porting progress.

I know it's not an easy job, and you guys are working hard for this. (THANK YOU!)

i don't really mind waiting, it's just waiting for the unknown amount of time is killing me. The first thing i do when i came back home is to click on that play button and hoping that this time the game will launch, then keep trying after every few hours, all day, every day, since the early access released.

will it be coming this month? or maybe later this year? i'd really love to know a little bit more specific about the date.

by the way, I really enjoyed your other games (don't starve together & shank ), great work guys!! thank you for the great games!

(sorry for the English, it's not my first language. i tried my best, took me 2 hours to wrote this. X_x)

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6 hours ago, absimiliard said:

I believe it became available about 28 minutes ago..........

Is it? Is there a special way to get at it  as I am still seeing PC only and I NEED IT NOW!!!. I mean, I can wait :) twitch stream the Thursday before last said a couple of weeks.

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