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Custom World Gen - Hard mode..?

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So, for the last week, I've been tinkering with the ONI world gen for fun.  Originally, I wasn't really going for anything, just to have an idea how it all worked.  Eventually though, through my tinkering, an idea slowly came to me and this is the results of my labor of probably loading over.. well, I'm not sure how many new bases I've loaded at this point.  But, I distinctly recall seeing repeats of base names -alot-!  So, I dunno, over 50?  :D


In any case, I also figured I'd share my work in-case there was others whom were interested as well for future purposes.  But, here it is:



It's very cavey, dank, more.. uniform looking, less broken up, and I found a way to remove nearly all of the abyssalite.  So, temperature management might be much harder. ;)  Most of the oxy-rock is removed from the starting biome as well.  The only stuff left is apparently hard-coded to show up, so oxygen is definitely not included here!  You'll want to start making some ASAP.  Removing the abyssalite also removes the special coloring shading that each biome has, so it'll look different when you first load in.  The biomes are familiar but rehashed a little to make it a little more unique and there's some special zones at the bottom of the map, as you can see for fun!  Figured I'd show-case some of the things that ONI has that you don't see in the base worldgen.


Since there's no abyssalite borders around each biome, the hot and cold tend to bleed around after a little while and since I've tweaked the spawning of mobs, the map might head towards a cold death, if you're not careful!  The top of the map is extremely cold, but.. there's some abyssalite up there, and at the bottom..;)





I haven't had much of a chance to playtest it, so tell me what you think!



In order to install it, you'll need to find your ONI installation directory and the 'worldgen' folder within.  Where ever you keep your Steam games at, then '...\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets'.  I would highly suggest to back up your existing 'worldgen' folder separately.  (Although Steam can bring back the original files that get over-written when if you re-validate ONI's files)  Then, you take the new 'worldgen' folder within the included zip file and copy over the old one.  It will ask you if it's okay to over-write any existing files and merge folders which is what you want.


At the moment, the top of the map doesn't really have any caves at all which I haven't quite figured out why.  I assume it has to do with the noise filter (I used one of the existing noise filters and just duplicated it into its own file, in-case I needed to edit it later..), but tweaking some of the variables didn't seem to fix it.  Figured I'd release it anyway as someone more intelligent then me might have a better idea.  :D


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