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[QoL suggestion] Bring back the old Don't Starve theme

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Now that Klei has the Ruins theme fixed, here comes the next: we will be able to listen to our good ol' theme ever again? 

And I mean THE MAIN THEME, the one in the early beta DST and before Shipwrecked. 

I know you can hear it in the menu in Vanilla Don't Starve, but if you get SW dlc, you will never be able to hear it again unless from the soundtrack.

The theme really brings back the horror/psychological feels during beta Don't Starve - when you still have research points.

[Suggestion]: Random/Alternate main theme with current DS/DST one when you enter the main menu.

Also while I am at it: things that need their own theme:

  • Cave boss: not really, but it won't hurt to have since cave doesn't have EFS-theme.
  • Shadow Chess Pieces (currently same with Guardian)
  • [non DST] Have Klei/Capy abandoned Shipwrecked, because it seems unpolished and buggy as of now.
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Actually, if you quit from a world without any DLC enabled, you'll get the vanilla theme music and even the red background.  I've seen this several times, usually after hopping through the teleportato and choosing to quit back to the menu without generating the new world.

The game usually crashes afterward, too. 

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