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debug mode?

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I've been playing oni now for about 800 hours, and recently enabled debug mode so I could try some things out that I wasn't sure how they would work in the actual game, but I have a question. Is there a way to keep debug mode turned off when I don't want it in my regular play throughs, or is it simply a matter of self control not to use it?

Can I have a second install, specifically for debug, or a keybind which enables/disables the entire thing, or do I have to remove the file every time I want to turn it off?

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It helps to have separate worlds, if I end up accidentally insta-building something in a survival game because I did some debug testing before, I usually just reload from save and disable instabuild mode before continuing.

I haven't had any worse incidents than that.

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Simply restarting and not using debug commands/backspace works well for me.

I like to play survival and test some cutting-edge machinery on separate save named TESTBED #1, then restart the game and keep playing survival. Well, worst case I would just load last autosave and go from there, never happened though.

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