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Power sufficiently full tag working or bugged?

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So in this clip i am showing that the power says its sufficiently full, but yet it keeps burning up all the input source material.

I first noticed this with the coal power machine, thinking it was just the way that thing worked.

But why is there a slider bar for activation on battery % if it keeps burning up the resource when battery is sufficient?

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The slider works as intended but the way it works only makes sense for manual generators. The slider governs "generate duplicant jobs" state, so when batteries fall below the set value (I'm not sure what exact formula is used but only batteries on local circuit apply, not batteries behind transformers) the generator will start producing a job which is either "run on me" for manual generator, or "feed me coal" for coal generator. And when batteries are full, it stops generating that job.

It has no effect on generators without a duplicant job and it won't turn the generator off. It's there for other generators because they share the code. And the game is still in development so not all details are polished.

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