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Custom Character Hat Perk

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Heyho everyone,

So I am working together with a few friends on some custom characters I have been getting their perks done quiet well except for one.
They have a hat obsession and are supposed to be able to gain weeber's friend of spiders as long as they wear it. I am not certain tho how to create a dependency on all hats so everything that is equipabel in the head slot and connect it to a character tag.
Do I have to maybe write around it and code everything so I don't depend on the character tag?

Thank you for the help!

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You would need to copy the hats.lua from DST and include that in your mod. Once you have a copy of the file you'll need to go in and add a special tag to each hat and grant the ability while it's true. Then you would need to add a tag to the character that matches it.


Inside your Character.lua file



Inside the Hats.lua file

if inst:HasTag("ilovehats") then

--grant ability


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