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Devices, Furniture, Robots, and Stations

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Ideas for new furniture, devices, etc.

Advance Shower requires electrical power, but can produce ideal temperature showers to help Duplicants who are suffering from temperature exposure.
(current shower would causes body temp changes based on the temperature of the water used in intake)

Punching Bag
Reduces Stress / Increases Strength - can break when used, requiring repairs (Destructive duplicants gain extra stress relief)

Art Station
Reduces Stress / Increases Creativity - while in use improves decor based on creativity of duplicant using it

Decor object that operates as a workstation -
Reduces Stress / Increases Learning - rate of change dependant on the 'art quality' of the bookshelf

New research
Xeno Management - devices to transport and contain native life forms
Can create the following:

Terrarium - Improves Decor, serves as a home for a creature, creature returns to the Terrarium at night (although it can then wander freely again)
In this way a creature tends to stay in its assigned area. (constructing requires Cultivable soil and Raw Mineral)

Wrangling Station - a station that can create 'wrangling gear' an item that can be outfitted (like clothes)
A Duplicant outfitted with wrangling gear can capture and transport a creature to a Terrarium, wrangling success based on strength
When selecting a creature (Hatch, Puft, Morb, etc) in addition to 'attack' option there would be a 'wrangle' option ('scardy cat' duplicants can't wrangle)
A wrangled creature is assigned to the nearest terrarium that does not already have a creature assigned.

Xeno Printer - a station that can print creatures - consumes large quantities of water, slime, can print creature duplicants (Hatch, Morb, Puft, etc)




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Some more brainstorming ideas

Some sort of improved Decorating research - or just added to the one already existing

Recessed Lighting
Technically a Tile that emits light from one side - can be rotated to emit light up, down, or sideways Dimension 1x1

Bed / Canopy Bed / Comfy Bed
An upgrade from cots, provides some decor Dimension 2x2

Decorative Cabinet
Storage Compactor that improves decor (or at least has no negative) and stores x2.5 as much, Dimension 2x2

Improves Decor, requires fresh water (If polluted water is used reduces decor and emits polluted oxygen), Dimension 3x3

Industrial Art / Metal Sculpture
Like a sculpting block, but made of metal

Collection of decorative pots made of clay. constructed as 'pottery clay' and then 'shaped' by Duplicant, appearance and paint job affected by creativity.


ROBOTS - robots take damage from water.

Robotic Sweeper
Build a recharge station (Requires power) that deploys a robot to sweep floor and moves items to storage (basically operates as a duplicant that  performs sweep duty only), Returns to recharge station and consumes more power when needed, power levels go down based on degree of activity, consumes tiny amount when idle. Dimensions 1x1

Robotic Probe
Burrows through materials (doesn't 'dig', basically just able to move through solid objects). Probe is single use, and can be destroyed by taking damage from temperature or water. Essentially a way to scout areas of the map. Lets you place a marker on the map (like designating a place to dig or build) and the probe will travel to that location, upon reaching the location, probe is destroyed. When a probe is destroyed (either by heat, water, or reaching destination) Message displays stating what happened and a radius around the location appears on the map. Time taken to travel depends on material density traveled through. Dimensions 1x1 - deployed from super computer, can only launch one probe at a time, cannot conduct other research at that station while a probe is active

Robot Pet
Build a recharge station (Requires power) that deploys a robot cat, dog, or similar, improves decor, walks around base. Returns to recharge station and consumes more power when needed . Dimensions 1x1






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