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Bring back caves only

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It's been a very long time since they removed it, but I still miss staying in caves. I've tried messing with the game files to spawn in caves, but it's not the same. People usually don't/won't go in caves or don't know that your server is caves only since there is no option for it. Please bring it back :wilson_cry:



P.S It's really great practice for sanity managment

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Assuming you are running a dedicated server you can just set the Master shard to generate a caves world instead of the default overworld in the "worldgenoverride.lua" before generating the world using this code:

return {
    override_enabled = true,
    preset = "DST_CAVE",

No slaves/cave shard needed, but you might be able to add a overworld shard as slave so you can exit the caves into the overworld.

This should enable you to spawn in the caves with the option to also visit the overworld if needed.

Not sure if this is possible somehow with a non-dedicated server, but I prefer dedicated servers anyways.

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To host a caves-only non-dedicated server:

Step 1: Assuming you are on Windows, go to Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether
Step 2: Download the attached "worldgenoverride.lua" file and put it in the DoNotStarveTogether folder.
(Right click -> Save target as)
Step 3: Generate a new world through the Host Game menu, and leave caves off and do NOT change anything in the world generation settings (I'm not sure whether this would affect it or not but just in case)
Step 4: You will spawn in a caves-only world. If you want to generate a normal world, delete, move or rename the file you downloaded into somewhere / something else and generate the world.

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