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I can't see the servers that I was playing in the list !

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Hello ,

I was playing dst without any problems , and today suddenly when I entered the game , I couldn't see any one of servers that I was playing one except one of them ... I started playing on another server , but when I exited and came back , that server disappeared too ! There are in my history but I can't find them even with searching... All of filters are off , but nothing ... What is the problem ? Can someone help ?

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The other thing is when server resets (everyone dies and new worlds starts, for example), it no longer shows up as "previously visited". If you have been playing on public servers then answer is simple - they got reset. It happens a lot.

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4 hours ago, Omid.R.G said:

It was dedicated , and If it was reseted, at least I must be able to see the server in list again ! But it doesn't appear in list ... Even with search ...

Even dedicated servers aren't kept up all the time. I have a friend who runs a dedicated server only when he's playing cause it's more convenient then hosting a world normally (that way he can temporarily leave the world if he needs to and people can keep playing). There's also the possibility that whoever was running the server just stopped for whatever reason.

Servers come and go. It's usually best not to get too attached to worlds you don't host yourself.

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