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Activity Points... again

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So the other thread got archived so I cannot do much, here's my suggestion:

When a player has been playing in a server for 20 minutes while alive, they gain 1 activity point in that server.

All players can gain a maximum of 12 activity points, but start with 0.

Server admins start with 3 activity points in new worlds. (So players don't exploit giving players admin to give them more points)

Activity points are next to the player character's face in the scoreboard, players currently not online can be seen by clicking the "..." button and then click "Activity Board"

If a player has not been in the server or is dead for 40 minutes, they loose 1 activity point.

If a player played for less than 20 minutes and disconnected, they will need to play for another 20 minutes to gain 1 activity point.

Server admins can erase all activity points of any player (except other admins) via the activity board.

Worlds cannot reset while there are players with 3 activity points or more in the server, however, if this requirement is not met, the world will be reset in 150 seconds if no alive players are present.

The option of activity points can be activated or deactivated by the world/server owner.

Useful for:

  • Cooperative servers!
  • Players who can't play DST all the time!
  • Progressed worlds that get reset by 1 player who kills themselves upon joining!
  • Public servers!
  • Chocolate helicopters!
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