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Chatter variation code suggestion

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As @Edgeircanine428 presented here, the game doesn't handle properly when a "topic" is a table (as to introduce text variation instead of saying the same line over and over) and is accompanied by a "modifier". This change to the getmodifiedstring function in stringutil.lua could solve it:


local function getmodifiedstring(topic_tab, modifier)
    if type(modifier) == "table" then
        local ret = topic_tab
        for i,v in ipairs(modifier) do
            if ret == nil then
                return nil
            ret = ret[v]
        return ret
        if modifier ~= nil and type(topic_tab[modifier]) == "table" then
            topic_tab = topic_tab[modifier]
        elseif type(topic_tab.GENERIC) == "table" then
            topic_tab = topic_tab.GENERIC

        return (modifier ~= nil and topic_tab[modifier])
            or topic_tab.GENERIC
            or (#topic_tab > 0 and topic_tab[math.random(#topic_tab)] or nil)

(Code added in bold.)

Currently this only affects mods that want to extend speech and add variation, but the base game could also benefit from this change.

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