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Shard having trouble connecting to master

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The server (caves) says this:


[00:00:15]: [Shard] Connection to master failed. Waiting to reconnect...
[00:00:20]: About to start a shard with these settings:
[00:00:28]:   ShardName:
[00:00:28]:   ShardID: 2456401617
[00:00:28]:   ShardRole: SLAVE
[00:00:28]:   MasterHost:
[00:00:28]:   MasterBind: (null)
[00:00:28]:   MasterPort: 11002
[00:00:28]: [Shard] Connecting to master...
[00:00:30]: [Shard] Connection to master failed. Waiting to reconnect...

and so on.




I'm new to the forums btw

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Your Master_Port doesn't match up with the Master shard port. They need to be identical. Atm your slave shard tries to connect to a master shard on the port 12348 or 11001 (Since you defined different master ports in the cluster.ini and server.ini, not sure which ont it takes.) while the Master shard is listening on the port 10999. Set all Master shard ports on 10999 for example and it'll most probably work.
Also make sure to start up the master shard first, sonetimes the slave shard has issues to connect to the master shard if the slave started up first.

Also... you should only have one cluster.ini which sits right next to the Master and Cave directories Not sure where you stored them, but it should look like this:

Don't mind my image editing skills, but I think it should represent pretty well how it should look like.

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