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Valve Varient type

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Could you possibly add a version or setting to the values that block the fluid from passing completely and then will only push some  through if the pressure built up is greater than the set value.

Kinda like how the power meters are but for toggling if the valve is open or not.

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2 hours ago, Kasuha said:

If you mean something like an excess vent, then this can be done:


The bridge will "steal" all water from the pipe until the pipe towards the shower is full. The excess water will go to the vent.

no i more mean for times where you want to drain the polluted water into a pool or water puffier. But ONLY! in the case you have to much backup in your pipes from to much being generated that your meal lice farms or fertilizer maker can handle as input.  So you would only want to release the excess into a pool or convert to clean water.

I find myself manually turning the valve from some value to 0 many times to do this as a way to release the amount of pipe backup that causes some machines in the chain to not have room for there output requirement.

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Pipe bridges steal packets unless they can't deposit them on the other end.

If you want overflow control you take bridge connecting source with primary consumers system and branch of bridges input to secondary system.






===/\-----\/====Primary System


/\-bridge's input

\/-Bridges output

-------Bridge itself

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